Efficiency *at scale*

Systems that are reasonably efficient for one thousand claims, might not be capable of responding when claimants number in the tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions, EnterClaim is completely scalable. Accurate and streamlined data capture, powerful processing, more efficient communication, and real-time reporting all lead to faster resolution of claims with fewer administrative costs.


So what makes EnterClaim more efficient?

EnterClaim has saved thousands of processing hours and supported class actions of all sizes involving over 150,000 group members, located across Australia and internationally. You can expect benefits at all stages of a class action claim. 

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  • Step 1 Claimant notification

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    Streamlining data capture and communication through EnterClaim can cut postage costs, simplify media messaging, and improve response rates. Posted notices typically see three times lower response rates than digital, but simply providing a QR code can significantly increase registration from posted notices.

  • Step 2 Claims registration and validation

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    EnterClaim’s one-step integrated online data capture and validation streamlines registration, minimises data errors, and saves hours spent manually entering, tracking, and filtering claims.

  • Step 3 Claim analysis and management

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    Streamlined data capture and claim validation combined with powerful analytic and reporting functionality offers clear insights in real time and lets you focus analysis not checking and validating claims.

  • Step 4 Settlement and distribution

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    EnterClaim helps streamline settlement approval applications with transparent reports on all steps of the process, while allowing claimants to update details reduces payment rejections and errors on distribution.

EnterClaim 4 step process

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When you need more support – *call on KordaMentha’s experts*

We specialise in complex, large-scale claims and distributions and have developed our expertise and processes to achieve superior results.  

If you need additional assistance, you can take advantage of our support services and draw on the full range of our skills across all phases of the class actions process. 

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To see how EnterClaim could make administering your class action more efficient contact us.

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